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April is Poetry Month on KDB!

Paul Willis: Restricted Travel
Air date: April 2, 2013 MP3 link

Paul Willis teaches English at Westmont College and has served the city of Santa Barbara honorably for the past two years as our official, and now outgoing, Poet Laureate.

Peg Quinn: After Taming the Shrew
Air date: April 4, 2013 MP3 link

Peg Quinn is an established mixed-media artist and veteran mural painter who also works as an art specialist at a local private school in Santa Barbara.

Bruce Schmidt: Saxophone
Air date: April 9, 2013 MP3 link

Don’t let his general contractor day job fool you!  Bruce Schmidt has been writing poetry since returning from Vietnam in 1969, and dedicates this poem to his brother.

Mary Brown: Wheat Field with Crows
Air date: April 11, 2013 MP3 link

Mary Brown, a local writer and press editor, shows a passion for art in her poem inspired by one of Van Gogh’s last works.

Peter Karoff: String Theory of Knowing Place for the First Time
Air date: April 16, 2013 MP3 link

Having been on the board of over 30 non-profit organizations, Peter Karoff is a non-profit guru. He is a professor at UCSB and saw a performance there that inspired him to write this poem.

Pamela Davis: Amadeus Mon Amor
Air date: April 18, 2013 MP3 link

A writer, editor and poet, Pamela Davis created this work inspired by a performance in Paris, and dedicated to Mozart himself.

Robert Emmons: Conspirators
Air date: April 23, 2013 MP3 link

With seven books under his belt, Bob Emmons is a renowned author, respected businessman and local philanthropist. This poem is published in his new book “Six Thousand Sunrises”.

Perie Longo: Art Helps
Air date: April 25, 2013 MP3 link

Perie Longo is a former Poet Laureate of Santa Barbara, poetry teacher and marriage family therapist. She was asked to write a poem for an opera night.

Chryss Yost: Escaping Autopia
Air date: April 30, 2013 MP3 link

Chryss Yost is not only an artist for the UCSB Library, but she is the newly crowned Poet Laureate of Santa Barbara. She was inspired by her own life patterns to write this poem.